Project management services


Engineering at your service


Manage a plant expansion, the manufacture of a new product or upgrade of an existing equipment can be a overwhelming task. By using Sogenix groupe conseil, you ensure a flawless execution of your projects because you get a multi-disciplinary engineering expertise that has proven itself.


Whatever the scale of your project and whether your needs are in mechanical, process or automation engineering, Sogenix can manage all the steps needed to achieve them, in close collaboration with your staff.


Turnkey or custom engineering 

  • Project development and scope
  • Preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Budget estimates and schedules
  • Execution and supervision of work
  • Training and follow-up after the start of production

Personalized approach

  • Attention to your concerns, ideas and needs
  • Proposals in connection with your needs, budgets and schedules
  • Close collaboration throughout the entire project
  • Execution and supervision of work
  • Maximize your investment, your equipment and energy
  • Compliance with safety and environmental standards

Some achievements


Plant expansion


New cheese plant from the continuous cheese VAT to packaging   $45.0M
New dairy bottling plant from milk reception to palletization   $25.0M
Chocolate plant including a new line of fruit pellets   $21.0M
Yogourt plant including a new system of liquid ingredients   $8.2M
Cheese plant including a new reverse osmosis system    $1.9M


Manufacture of a new product


Installation of a system for producing soft cheese   $5.0M
Design and installation of a complete chocolate production line    $4.0M


Design and installation of new equipment


Maturation tanks and washing system (CIP) for the production of yogurt   $6.0M
Cheese VATs and molding system   $2.0M
 HTST milk pasteurizer with energy recovery   $1.6M


Design and implementation of new processes


Yogurt tank farm   $3.0M
Mixing system of a cosmetic product    $3.0M
Aseptic system in the manufacture of cheese   $2.5M